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Technorati Suffers Major Data Accuracy Loss

My link count was 262 last night, this morning it’s 220? This is just plain wrong as I did not have a major linking event 180 days ago. I’m emailing this to David Sifry and Adam Herst and expect a quick resolution of this issue and a restoration of my ranking along with an explanation […]

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Google Developer Day 2007 – London and Mountain View

This is the URL to interact with Google Developer Day 2007 Online. Have fun!

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Google Experimenting With Blogs Button in Main Search Results

As you know, I strongly advocate blog search being a top level option on all search engines. Now with selection of category on the top bar, there is even less excuse not to do this on a permanent basis. Now Google is showing signs of experimenting with this via universal search on a case by […]

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Mazda March 2007 Test Drive VISA Gift Card Not Received After 8 Weeks

I got an email from Mazda in March to get a $25 VISA Gift Card for taking a test drive. I’m considering buying a new car in the not too distant future to replace my aging Acura Integra (I should be buying another Acura but they no longer make cars with appropriate headroom for a […]

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Happy Memorial Day 2007

It’s not just a day for a BBQ with your friends. It’s a day to remember and thank those who gave their fellow U.S. citizens the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms which we enjoy today. I’d ask that you please honor their memory by fully familiarizing yourself with the candidates running for President in 2008. […]

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PBS Article: The Final Days of Google

This article about Google is certainly an interesting read. It raises some interesting questions worth pondering.

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Google Search Activity by Trends

Barry Schwartz started a meme on Google Search Activity by Trends and I was tagged by Cshel to join the discussion. Well, I’ve turned off search history because I’m taking a wait and see attitude about the whole issue. I don’t currently see a lot of value in seeing my searches in a graph by […]

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