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Google Testing New Search Results Layout

As apparently first explained on Google Blogoscoped and then elsewhere, Google seems to be testing new home page results. If I were designing it I’d move the selector bar a bit to the left as my eye is drawn to it a bit too much, I’d also like to see blogs above news or with the ability to show both results at once.

This “Microsoft” version is interesting as well…

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Flickr to Live on, Yahoo! Photos to be Shut Down

Techcrunch is reporting that Yahoo! Photos is shutting down.

This a notable and extremely positive event for the following reasons:

1) The users of Yahoo! Photos aren’t being forced to move to Flickr, they can export their photos elsewhere.

2) Reducing the number offerings ultimately makes navigating Yahoo! cleaner and better overall. This not only benefits the user, but it benefits the entire Yahoo! with higher visibility of remaining items.

To Brad Garlinghouse I say, “good job”!

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Hugh Griffiths Joins Microsoft as Director of Mobile

Mobile Entertainment reports that “Griffiths will be responsible for the overall strategy and direction of the mobile division within the Online Services Group division.”

It’s interesting to see Microsoft bringing in outside talent for this type of role, we’ll see how this develops. Hugh sounds like someone I’d like to get to know.

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Indexing Full Content

I’ve had a recent email volley with Technorati’s Adam Herst regarding certain links not indexing recently in Technorati. I’m not certain that this fully explains the nature or root cause of the issues I’ve had with Technorati not counting several links recently, but they are at least engaged in conversation about the issues.

It would be interesting to see if Feedburner (blog now demolished by Google) could provide a feature to allow a blog to transmit full content feeds to certain trusted parties and partial RSS feeds elsewhere.