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David Dalka provides compelling customized speaking engagements, executive retreats and training on topics in finance, marketing, innovation and recruiting that enable executives and board of directors to create rapid organizational change and seize emerging opportunities in mixing both new and old business models to create profitable, revenue generating success:

  • Learn how brand marketing is transforming from antiquated push marketing to attributes and experiences that consumers pull and seek on demand and how to meet that change successfully
  • Create rapid cycle time strategic processes that will raise profits and transform businesses
  • Teach and enable c-level executives and boards of directors to utilize search marketing to increase revenue and profitability – which also can build amazing strategic advantages
  • Use social media innovation strategies and user generated content to create customer-focused innovation in the Peter Drucker fashion to create experiences that customers will rave about!
  • Select the right employees with cutting edge emerging competencies for your organization to build a high performing culture. Don’t hire based on job titles as they don’t indicate customer focus, actual skills, future potential, passion or lifelong learning ability. You should hire people that will transform your organization, not folks who will fill an outdated title in an outdated job specification. But first, do you know what skills you truly need before you start? I can help you redesign your marketing department to be aligned with current realities and increase the quantity of positive ROI projects.


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Winter 2013 Topics for Executive Retreats, Keynotes and Strategy Assignments

  • Lessons from BlackRock: How to Create Real Time Business Decision Making Culture
  • Redefining the 21st Century CMO
  • Increasing Revenue and Cash flow via Digital Strategy

Partial list of conferences where David has attended either as a marketing speaker and/or attendee:

2010 Marketing, Business, Strategy, Finance, Management conferences

  • Panel, IIR Technology Market Research Event, Chicago, IL , May 3, 2011
  • Keynote Speaker – IIRME Total Marketing Dubai, November, 2010
  • Keynote Speaker – Internet Hungary – Siofok/Budapest, Hungary, October, 2010
  • Panel: Selling Search to the C-suite -Search Engine Strategies, September, 2010 – Chicago, IL
  • HR Technology Conference, September, 2010 – Chicago, IL
  • Private Business Strategy Executive Retreat – Peninsula Hotel, September, 2010
  • New Marketing Labs Events – New Marketing Experience – September, 2010 – Chicago, IL
  • Onrec 2010 – The Recruiting Conference – Chicago, IL
  • Internet Retailer 2010 – Chicago, IL
  • BMA Business Marketing Conference 2010 – Chicago , IL
  • Search Exchange 2010 – Search Marketing Strategy and Social Media sessions, Charlotte, NC, May 2010
  • Net. Finance 2010 – Financial Services Online Marketing Conference, May, 2010
  • SMX Toronto 2010 – Speaking and Moderating, April, 2010
  • Opening keynote speaker – Think Tank Live, Milwaukee, WI, February, 2010

2009 Marketing, Business, Strategy, Finance, Management conferences

  • Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2009, December, 2009
  • Keynote Speech – EMG Brand Manager’s Summit –” Less Marketing Budget? Web Content Strategy Can Do More” – October 19th – Conference Canceled Due To University Travel Budget Freezes
  • HR Technology Conference, September, 2009
  • Qualigence First Annual Learning Conference, September, 2009
  • Onrec 2009 – The Recruiting Conference – Chicago, IL
  • ad:tech Chicago, September, 2009
  • Alterian Enganging Times Summit, Chicago, August, 2009
  • Speaker at Affiliate Summit East, New York City, New York (NY), August, 2009
  • Real Estate Barcamp, Chicago, June, 2009
  • Business Marketing Association (BMA) B2B Marketing Conference, Chicago, June 2009
  • Speaker at Wordcamp Chicago, June 6-7, 2009
  • Federal Reserve of Chicago Payments Conference, Who Bears the Cost?, Chicago, May, 2009
  • Emetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, San Jose, May, 2009 (the leading Web Analytics Conference)
  • Content Management Systems Expo Learning & Business Conference, Expert Panel Speaker, Chicago, April, 2009
  • User Generated Content Expo (UGCX) – Panel w/ David Berkowitz & Brian Solis  Marketing 2.0, February, 2009

2008 Marketing, Business, Strategy, Finance, Management conferences

  • Search Engine Strategies, Chicago, 2008
  • Building Your Digital Signage Business, Chicago, 2008
  • The Market Research Industry Summit, Chicago, 2008
  • Human Resource Executive’s HR Technology Conference and Exposition Chicago 2008
  • Onrec 2008 : September 10th, 2008 : The Future of Sourcing and Hiring Star Performers
  • International Association of Employment Sources
  • SocialDevCamp Chicago 2008 : August 9, 2008 : Reorganize Management for Social Media
  • University of Chicago: July 30, 2008 : How To Reorganize Management For Social Media, Search Marketing & Internet Advertising
  • shopLocal Local and Mobile Summit Chicago 2008
  • Internet Retailer Chicago 2008
  • eBay Live! Chicago 2008
  • eBay/Paypal/Skype Developers Conference Chicago 2008
  • SHRM Society of Human Resource Managers Conference Chicago 2008
  • TECHconference Chicago 2008
  • SOBCON Chicago 2008 (Successful and Outstanding Blogger Conference)
  • Affiliate Summit Las Vegas 2008

2007 Marketing, Business, Strategy, Finance, Management conferences

  • Search Engine Strategies Chicago Conference and Expo 2007
  • Forrester Consumer Forum Chicago 2007
  • Human Resource Executive’s HR Technology Conference and Exposition Chicago 2007
  • SMX – Search Marketing Expo – Local & Mobile Denver 2007
  • Foreword Financial Services and Mobile Expo 2007
  • Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2007
  • ad:tech Chicago 2007
  • Transvision Chicago 2007
  • BARcamp Chicago : June 24, 2007 : Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Blogs
  • SOBCON Chicago 2007 (Successful and Outstanding Blogger Conference)
  • IAB Leadership Forum Chicago 2007
  • CTIA Wireless Orlando 2007

2006 Marketing, Business, Strategy, Finance, Management conferences

2005 Marketing, Business, Strategy, Finance, Management conferences

  • Search Engine Strategies Conference and Exposition Chicago 2005