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Business is currently undergoing profound changes not seen since the Industrial Revolution created standardized industrial processes. This time, technology sometimes causes as many problems as it solves which can destroy your business. With the right busines acumen advice - rigid business budget structures,and organizational structures can rapidly adapt to create new organizational processes, grow revenue and profit margins.

Business Change Management Consultants & Digital Marketing Strategy Services

David Dalka provides customized business strategy consulting services for CEOs and corporate executive management teams to create...
- Business value proposition redefinition, paradigm shift identification, CFO budget redesign and digital strategy realization.
- A focus on the customer and creating a rapid decision making and action-oriented corporate culture.
- Business model rethinkings to revamp customer acqusition, information technology and success metrics.
- Nimble, customer focused organizational structures and executive search strategies to acquire future transformational leaders.

Professional Business Keynote Speaker, Corporate Executive Team Leadership Retreats

David Dalka enables executive decision makers to see the world and their businesses in new ways to make quick, confident decisions to create competitive advantages, organizational redesign and revenue growth. Whether your title is CMO, CFO, COO, CEO, EVP, SVP, VP or you are a board of directors member, you are rapidly becoming aware that rapid changes in the digital era are c-level strategic business issues that can affect earnings and are making or breaking executive careers everyday. Do you want to be leading revenue growth transformation or do you wish to perish? The path to success is one phone call away..

Get a New Strategy Firm Focused on Your Success

Are your strategy consulting firms not serving your needs or creating needed results? Realizing that you need to change firms is often the first required step to creating different business results. The cycle time of learning about digital buiness strategies is long and accurate information is in short supply. Traditional business strategy consulting does not access this fully because most lack the expertise or proper structure. You need new forms of immediate guidance that can translate symptoms into root causes and rapidly enable you to make decisions that lead to a high performing organizations.

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