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Looking Forward to Barcamp Chicago 2008

I’d like to thank Jason Rexilius for organizing another outstanding Barcamp Chicago event in 2007! I look forward to 2008 – however we should seek to create a process that keeps the communication and collaboration going all year. It is after all a process, not an event.

Here are some blog summaries of the event(you guys need to link to each other more!):



Ken Vandine

Joi Podgorny

Dave Bost

It would be impossible to summarize all the great people that were there, but here’s a few:

Michael Carruth, I got to see a different side of him with his talk about domains today, he’s more than a software trainer and startup enabler!

Matt McCall, a summary of his talk is here.

Aza and Jono from Humanized. I had a great sit down conversation with Aza regarding their product and their plans for it. Wonderfully positive and visionary guys see many things that fit into the elusive obvious.

Individuals like Scott Van Den Plas, Hencry Hwangbo, Victoria and David Naylor were there.

Andy Sernovitz, Aaron Williams and Mike Mangino also gave talks.

Thanks to everyone for the good times and personal growth! I appreciate it deeply.

3 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Barcamp Chicago 2008

  1. Wrap-up of BARcamp Chicago 2007…

    David Dalka has a nice collection of post-BARcamp links.


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