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Mazda March 2007 Test Drive VISA Gift Card Not Received After 8 Weeks

I got an email from Mazda in March to get a $25 VISA Gift Card for taking a test drive. I’m considering buying a new car in the not too distant future to replace my aging Acura Integra (I should be buying another Acura but they no longer make cars with appropriate headroom for a 6’3″ adult – but alas this is another post).

I completed the test drive, mailed in the form and 8 weeks later I still have not received this gift card. It appears I have plenty of company as well based on these message board posts. Not a good way to treat prospects of your 5 figure products. If you can’t send a gift card in a timely manner, does this experience build confidence that you will be dealt with fairly if something went wrong with your new Mazda? No.

When companies are creating incentives to interact with their products and services why aren’t they realizing that how the experience is handled can have considerable impact on their brand – either positive or negative?

3 thoughts on “Mazda March 2007 Test Drive VISA Gift Card Not Received After 8 Weeks

  1. 8 weeks is too long for a consideration. Trust is very important even in business so Mazda should do something about this. They create quality parts like Mazda clutch slave cylinder but still they have to pay attention to the other aspects that may affect they name of their company.

  2. I got mine just fine maybe yours is in the mail.

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