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Google Experimenting With Blogs Button in Main Search Results

As you know, I strongly advocate blog search being a top level option on all search engines. Now with selection of category on the top bar, there is even less excuse not to do this on a permanent basis. Now Google is showing signs of experimenting with this via universal search on a case by case basis depending on the search term. Before I go on, I feel that I should disclose that I’m an undecided voter in the 2008 Presidential election.

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton now show Web, Images, News and Blogs in their search result selectors!

Ron Paul, the candidate with tons of video viewing activity now shows Web, News, Blogs and Video. This shows a customization that is occurring, either video submission or video viewing trends to change the view to video from images. It would be interesting to see the Ron Paul supporters reaction to this.

One result that puzzles me is that of Dennis Kucinich, the search results only show Web. This is odd to me because I know he has active blogosphere results and has had a trend of increased video views. It makes me ponder whether Google might have something against Dennis Kucinich? Is there any history here? Or is this just some random event? I look forward to seeing your posts on this.

A result that baffles me more is that of Matt Cutts. When I think Matt Cutts, I think blogs, yet his results show only Web and Video! Strange indeed.

There is clearly other things going on as well. A search on the Rolling Stones currently returns Web, Music, News, Images, Video and yes even Groups.

Again, Google should act to add blogs permanently to all search results so they are not perceived as favoring the mainstream media. What do you think of these variations? What unique examples can you find? I appreciate your thinking about these complex issues and joining the discussion via a post of your own on these issues.


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