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WordPress Trackback Spam On The Increase Akismet Needs To Step It Up

All with the same 10 drug names over and over. It’s time for Akismet to step it up a notch or for you to remotely allow banning of certain words in trackbacks as a trigger to kill real spam. A functional, spam-free trackback community is critical to a functional blogosphere as it’s a critical component […]

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Apparently I’m Banned in China!

According to the, I’ve joined a long list of web sites that are banned in China. Youtube, Scoble, Search Engine Land and many others are banned. Based on the list I almost feel like I’ve reached some new form web success. Somehow Jeremy Zawodony is not? That wasn’t clear. I don’t see anything that […]

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Biz Stone of Twitter Interviewed

Jennifer Jones at Podtech took community questions and posted them. Jeremiah put it up today. Nice!

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Building Chinese Walls for Search Engines and Advertising Agencies

Danny Sullivan has been steadily beating a drum about the potential conflicts of interest in regards to Google, and now Microsoft, owning the search engine while owning a firm that provides SEO and SEM services. In yet another area where my expertise from BlackRock would prove to be extremely valuable for immediate consulting or leadership […]

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Cicada Emergence Map for Brood XIII Chicago and Lake County 2007

The Cicadas are coming! This neat, interactive map put together by the Lake County Forest Preserve District allows you to report the amount of cicadas in your area! This is a great example of a government agency collecting data through user generated content. The site is also nice link bait and will draw traffic and […]

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Texting Teen Gets $1,100 Bill For One Month

This Washington Post Article does a good job of laying out the increasing problem. With increasing stories like this, it will be interesting to watch what if any backlash occurs.

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Marshall Field’s

You will recall that last year, Federated Department Stores, now Macy’s, changed the name of Marshall Field’s to Macy’s. Now that flagship State Street store is well on it’s way to failing. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone was trying to buy it from them right now to start it anew. When history examines this, […]

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