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Google Search Activity by Trends

Barry Schwartz started a meme on Google Search Activity by Trends and I was tagged by Cshel to join the discussion.

Well, I’ve turned off search history because I’m taking a wait and see attitude about the whole issue. I don’t currently see a lot of value in seeing my searches in a graph by hour of day versus the potential cost of having this data stored and I see more potential downsides than upsides at this point, but I hope time proves my caution unwarranted.

So, I’ll tag:

Greg Sterling

Bill Slawski

Lee Odden

Jason Bartholme

Adam Lasnik (How is that paper airplane post coming along btw?)

4 thoughts on “Google Search Activity by Trends

  1. Waitaminute! You can’t tag people and not participate in the meme. That’s “passing the meme”.

    Ha, I don’t have search history turned on either – not my cup of tea. 🙂

  2. Are you asking me to remove your link? 😉

  3. Sorry, not gonna tackle this one.

    I like that search history is personal and private. 🙂

  4. I knew I should have tagged Jeremy Zawodny! 😛

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