Internet Retailer 2006 Workshop Summary: Affiliate Marketing – The Unsung Hero of Online Marketing

Boris Wertz, COO, 20-30% of orders come from affiliate marketing Research network hosted versus internally hosted options Payout type – pay per sale, per lead, Hybrid – bonus for first time buyers Tools – Establish a good mix of standard and advanced link types, provide deep and up to date data feeds Staffing needs […]

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Internet Retailer 2006 Workshop Summary: E-mail Marketing

Don Zeidler, Director of Direct Marketing, The W. Altee Burpee Co. (afterwards I asked him about his title and if I could assume that he was in control of both marketing in both offline and online worlds – not disjointed parts – he said yes – I suspect this will become increasingly commonplace in the […]

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My Main Computer Died – RIP

Expect an unfortunate interruption in posting frequency. Thank you.

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Yahoo! Soft Launches Shopping Blog

At last week’s Internet Retailer conference, Chris Saito, Senior Director of Yahoo! Shopping, announced the soft launch of Yahoo!’s new shopping blog. During the conference I saw a few examples of interesting blogs driving sales or people planning to launch blogs (my favorite was a company that found a customer that had blogged about various […]

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Internet Retailer 2006 Workshop Summary: Site Search

Site Search: The Web’s In-Store Merchandising Tool – 20-40% of online shoppers use search to find products (Forrester) – 47% of searchers give up after one search Insight: Users don’t care about searching, they care about finding. As such, search is one part of a “findability system”. Certain domains tend to be more searchable like […]

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The Motley Fool Suggests Google is “Killing the Internet”

So far this month there have been two noteworthy pieces written about click fraud and related issues. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban blogs that click fraud is “FAR greater” than imagined. Quite an interesting read and one coming from a wealthy Internet pioneer to boot. It’s clear that he has a strong opinion on this subject. […]

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Google Reputation Management Issue

Before I begin, I want to be perfectly clear that I appreciate Google for it’s recent efforts to integrate blog comments into search results. It is both interesting and not something that can be perfected quickly. However, I’d like to illustrate fully an example of where this is a concern for me and others whom may […]

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