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I’m #1!!! (literally)

With the most recent index in Google, my site is now in the #1 position on Google and MSN for the term “David Dalka”. I’m also #2 on Yahoo! It’s impossible to isolate the influence of blog crawlers versus new links to this site, though it would be interesting to know which played a stronger role in my rise.

For the search term “Dalka” alone on Google, I’m now #11, up from like #362 or something like that. That is a dramatic rise!

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Yahoo! and eBay Form Strategic Partnership

Yahoo! users will be able to buy goods using Paypal. This is good for eBay but not unique, other internet retailers, like already allow this.

“Yahoo! will become the exclusive third-party provider of all graphical advertisements throughout the site” states the press release. That is significant.

I would like to learn more about exactly what this statement means, “Yahoo! and eBay have also agreed to collaborate on ways to increase the quality and comprehensiveness of Yahoo! Web search results for and to provide Yahoo! search users with more up-to-date listings from the millions of products on the marketplace, with the goal to create a better search experience by enabling shoppers to more easily find relevant eBay listings.” I don’t necessarily want eBay results in each search result. I will reserve judgment on this issue until I see how it’s actually implemented. It should be interesting to see how this develops.

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Yahoo! Analyst Day Recap – Part 1

Last Thursday, Yahoo! held their annual Analyst Day. The presentation lasted several hours and was both interesting and transparent about the future direction of the company.

This event coincided with Yahoo!’s new home page launch which is clearly designed to have the visitor not only linger but be engaged. Lloyd Braun outlined the Yahoo! Media Group’s current philosophy: “Leverage Yahoo!’s technology and global network to deliver the most innovative and engaging media experiences – for our audiences and advertisers.”

I really like the above statement because it shows that a customer focus on both two fronts – audiences and advertisers. The focus on more relevant ads matched with more relevant content is interesting and several examples about significant ROI lift were outlined during the presentation. When I have time, I will post some more thoughts on this event.  

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Comscore adds to it’s monthly search report

Comscore added’s search service to the monthly report about search engine market share:
“ has been added to the search engine rankings for April 2006, coming in at 6th place with 43 million search queries performed (0.6 percent share of the U.S. search market).  Will this smaller player eventually be able to grab a substantial share of the search market due to the site’s remarkable popularity?”

I went over to and compared a few queries, it appears to be using Yahoo! search results as the source.

This made me wonder if as a part of this arrangement is Yahoo! has other parameters. It would be interesting to learn whether Yahoo! receives access to counting and indexing certain non-public content in return to determine popularity, does anyone know?

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My Hotmail is Now Windows Live Mail Beta

My Hotmail account has switched over to a shiny, new Windows Live Mail Beta account. I had received an invitation for the beta about a week ago and got another e-mail for the switch over this week.

It looks like a really clean Hotmail account with Word merged into it, which is probably pretty close to the reality. Web based spell check now happens as you are typing! This new feature differentiates it significantly compared to Gmail and Yahoo! Mail as they require you to hit a spell check button manually before sending which can easily be forgotten and embarrassing for the sender. Yahoo! Mail has been hinting a new version for some time, so it may soon have this feature.

In terms of ads, there is presently only a large banner ad on the top of the page. At this time, when reading an e-mail in Windows Live Mail Beta there are no text ads on the side as with a Gmail account. It will be interesting to see if it stays that way.

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Kevin Lee Discusses MSN Adcenter

During the ACCM Show, I caught up with the top frog, Kevin Lee, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Did It Search Marketing. Kevin was in attendance at the recent MSN Strategic Account Summit 2006 and shares that experience and his thoughts on other recent events.

Kevin is among the many people who have been both accepting and helpful to me as I’ve immersed myself into the industry, gone through exponential learning and have looked to define and obtain the role in which I will add the most value to a search engine, digital agency or other area of this vibrant and constantly changing community.

This podcast has been retired due to the aging of the material – If you wish to hear it please email me – June 27, 20007