Internet Retailer 2006 Workshop Summary: E-mail Marketing

Don Zeidler, Director of Direct Marketing, The W. Altee Burpee Co. (afterwards I asked him about his title and if I could assume that he was in control of both marketing in both offline and online worlds – not disjointed parts – he said yes – I suspect this will become increasingly commonplace in the future)

Mathew Seeley, President Cheetahmail, an Experian Company

Mark Friedman, Chief Digital Marketing Officer, Warnaco Inc.

Deliver Relevance in E-mail – this is critical as we get into message overload and this panel argued that means segmentation.

Not all customers are the same, so don’t treat them that way.

Basic segmentation – Demographic, Geographic, A/B Testing

Types of campaigns to test – Win Back, Loyalty, Servicing, Operational, Remarketing, Life Cycle, Renewal, Transactional

Thank you notes after purchase have a high ROI

It’s the little things that matter:

Ask Them

Grow Your List

Keep Your Creative Fresh

Welcome, Birthday, Thank You Message

Integrate Call Center, POS, In Store Kiosk

You don’t have to get all of the data at once. Start slow, ask for more data later.

Email authentication –

ISP feedback loops – example – MSN Smart Market Data

Be aware of new services like Sender Score Certified – a service of Return Path

In the final analysis, if you don’t send relevant messages to your customers, someone else will and you will lose out!

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