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Thoughts on Google Checkout

This is a smart strategic move by Google as it is an advertiser incentive and retention strategy first and foremost. The added “discount noise” will make it harder to compare ROI rates to Yahoo! Search Marketing and MSN Adcenter. Judging by the number of vendors that┬ásigned up, they put in a lot of effort to […]

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Google Analytics is Now Caught Up!

Last week, I signed up for Google Analytics. Less than one week later I got an invite to join! The backlog is over!

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Comcast Tech Tells Story

Most of you by now have no heard about the video of the Comcast tech who fell asleep while waiting for the customer service representative. Comcast fired the tech in the video this week. Did this really cure the root cause of the customer experience problem though? This morning a Comcast tech┬ácame to my residence […]

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Online E-mail Service Reliability Needs Improvement

At present, I have 4 web-based e-mail accounts, Google’s Gmail, Microsoft’s Hotmail/, Yahoo! Mail and my University of Chicago Graduate School of Business “Email4Life” account. I can now discuss the issue without being accused of favoritism or bias because all four of the organizations above have now done this recently. This is the issue of […]

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Internet Retailer 2006 Workshop Summary: Affiliate Marketing – The Unsung Hero of Online Marketing

Boris Wertz, COO, 20-30% of orders come from affiliate marketing Research network hosted versus internally hosted options Payout type – pay per sale, per lead, Hybrid – bonus for first time buyers Tools – Establish a good mix of standard and advanced link types, provide deep and up to date data feeds Staffing needs […]

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Internet Retailer 2006 Workshop Summary: E-mail Marketing

Don Zeidler, Director of Direct Marketing, The W. Altee Burpee Co. (afterwards I asked him about his title and if I could assume that he was in control of both marketing in both offline and online worlds – not disjointed parts – he said yes – I suspect this will become increasingly commonplace in the […]

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My Main Computer Died – RIP

Expect an unfortunate interruption in posting frequency. Thank you.

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