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Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2008: Search Engine Marketing and Consumer Packaged Goods

Mark Jackson, Search Engine Watch Expert & President/CEO, VIZION Interactive
Internet Marketing Speakers:
Brian Lipman, Interactive Marketing, ConAgra Foods
Randy Peterson, Search Marketing Innovation Manager, Procter and Gamble
Beth Uyenco, Global Research Director, Microsoft’s Advertiser and Publisher Solutions Group
Eli Goodman, Search Evangelist, comScore, Inc

Matt Wilburn, Senior Director, CPG, Matt WIlburn and Beth Uyenco went over example of how CPG companies are starting to use search. I missed Eli’s position of the session and Brian Lipman discussed the Hunt’s response to the tomato scare earilier this year and talked about the importance of cycle time. Randy Peterson’s talk was very similar to the 2007 Consumer Package Goods session.

Matt Wilburn, Yahoo!

Search Marketing for CPG Brands – Search provides scale and relevance for CPG brands percomScore study.

Is there brand equity in search results? Yes! Brand awareness rises 160% for items in search results

2009 need – greater accountability! 98% said a lack of standardization in reporting of internet statistics

Metrics that Matter – If you can’t tie odd knots, tie a lot of them…

Accountability will drive adoption of search…digital shows better ROI than broadcast

Beth Uyenco, Microsoft:

How search fits into the digital lifestyle of CPG’s primary shoppers

Moms are experienced and tenacious “Searchers”

86% feel that search engines are the best way to find information – compare prices, find retail locations, gather production information, product reviews, find sales, coupons and incentives

Women prowl for ‘good deals’ – how can we get them smart before the cart?

While the Internet has changed the shopping game, but its just trickling down to CPG…

Price leveler, ratings/reviews, trusted sources

Toilet paper surprisingly is researched at a high level

Randy Peterson, P & G

Presented 10 myths

70% of CPG searchers believe you are not a leading brand if you are not on page one of the search engine results page for the product type

Position matters and evidence is increasing that this increases brand recall

Reduce prices through improved quality scores.

Competitor isn’t there, why do I need to be?

Rapid Response SEM Process: Identify the issue, Understand the issue, Respond

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  1. i think it is said that 75% of searchers won’t look past the first page. I run a solar energy site and I hover between positions 12 and 16 on Google for my main keyword out of 28 million pages. Once I get on that first page I believe my traffic will rocket.

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