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SES Chicago 2007 Day 2 – The Daily Search Socks

Danny Sullivan was sporting these ultra spiffy striped socks yesterday at Search Engine Strategies Chicago broadcasting the Daily Search Cast from the Webmaster Radio expo booth prior to his departure for Pubcon.

This raises so many questions, are these socks typical of the Daily Search Cast? What kind of socks will he be wearing today?

6 thoughts on “SES Chicago 2007 Day 2 – The Daily Search Socks

  1. SearchCap: The Day In Search, December 5, 2007…

    Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web…….

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  4. This has what to do with creative revenue and retention.

    A key indicator most serch marketing firms cannot find work to fill their day….

    Who cares what he wears?? How is that important to people wanting to earn revenues?

  5. Hi Clint,

    If you had read my bio, you’d know that I’m not a search marketing firm.

    If you’re truly a member of the search community and you can’t understand a dozens of people who love Danny and were messmerized while staring at Danny’s ultra spiffy socks (which got voted to the front page of sphinn) then perhaps you should lighten up a little bit and spend more time at a conference.

    My blog is NOT about making money from blogging, it’s about how to run and scale growing businesses with a healthy dose of search – with a few other pet issues. If you want post after post about how to make money blogging, there are some much, much better places to spend your time than my blog! You’ll find most of them in Sphinn submissions.

    Then again, I take comments from someone with 4 blog posts in the past 2.5 months being critical at the face value of what it is.

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