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Google Needs to Take Action on Splogs/Adsense

When researching my Dodgeball post below, I was rather disturbed by the amount of splogs in Google’s Blog Search index. Below is a screen print of a nasty scrapper splog wrapped in TONS of Google Adsense Ads. Worse it’s on a Blogger blog (Google owned), so the excuse of we don’t control the content doesn’t cut it here. During Thursday’s earnings call, I’d like to see an analyst seriously discuss this issue with Google.

More Blogger Splogs containing the term Dodgeball were in existence at the time of this post, but have now been removed.

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  1. […] the original source blog if it is using a Feedburner feed. When combined with Google Blog Search, Google could likely better control splogs in it’s blog search index which will reduce (MFA) made for Adsense site […]

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