Dell Blog – Still Waiting for USB Port Shortage Acknowledgement

As I posted on Easton Ellsorth’s blog, the emerging future of corporate blog leadership should likely be: LISTEN – to other blogosphere posts ACKNOWLEDGE ISSUES – by linking to the post and talk only about how that issue is being addressed LISTEN AGAIN – to all feedback ANSWER – include a we hear you and […]

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Comcast – Poor Interactive Ad Targeting Leads to Low Satisfaction

I recently have been seeing alot of interactive ads for Comcast Broadand Internet – $19.95 for the first six months. Well, when you are paying more than that and already using their ISP, why would they show you an ad showing that they don’t value current customers? Why wouldn’t you block these ads to you […]

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Google Desktop Migrates to Google Front Page

With no fanfare Google quietly added Desktop to the right hand top side of the Google Home Page this week. This is interesting as Google rarely changes the configuration of this page. It therefore seems that Desktop is of strategic importance to Google. I wonder when they are going to swap Images for Video on the front […]

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Ebay Store Fee Changes and Town Meeting

Today Ebay announced changes in fees for store listings. They are having a town meeting at 4PM Pacific time on Thursday. It will be interesting to see what people think about these changes. My first glance doesn’t generate an emotional response either way.

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Three Cheers for Yahoo!

Yes, Terry Semel reported disappointing earnings yesterday, but I want to applaud one of his actions from yesterday. Mediapost reported that “Yahoo previously said it planned to roll out Panama in the third quarter, but Semel said during Tuesday’s quarterly earnings call that the company was delaying the rollout to prevent disruption in ad purchasing and management […]

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One Red Paper Clip and Google Adwords/Adsense

Congrat’s to Kyle MacDonald on getting his house for the One Red Paper Clip via trades! It’s an inspiring story that shows the power of blogs for both fun and creation of value.   What is interesting about his blog is that frequently, the Google ads displayed on his page are good examples of ads not […]

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My First Skype Spam Message

It would be a shame if I would have to start blocking people on my Skype list that weren’t friends already, but today, I got my first unsolicited spam message in Skype…you see the message below…  [2:04:06 PM] 杨柳青 says: Nike shoes: we provide footwears  such as NIKE\ADIDAS\REEBOK\PUMA/PRADA,etc. .we also sell all kinds of stock  mobile telephone,mp3,mp4. […]

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