Google Desktop Migrates to Google Front Page

With no fanfare Google quietly added Desktop to the right hand top side of the Google Home Page this week. This is interesting as Google rarely changes the configuration of this page. It therefore seems that Desktop is of strategic importance to Google.

I wonder when they are going to swap Images for Video on the front page? I’ve been expecting this for a while.


  1. David “Dsquared” Dalka - Creating Revenue and Retention » Google Video Migrates to the Google Home Page - August 10, 2006

    […] In this post on July 20th, I predicted that Google Video would appear on the homepage soon. However, I guessed wrong on it replacing Images. At first, I’m surprised that Froggle was what was removed. After thinking about it more I shouldn’t be, Google Checkout migrates to the back end of process what Froggle did upfront. If there is enough penetration of Checkout, it now makes sense to me that Froggle would be unecessary. […]

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