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Mossberg: Takes Lead In Designing Display Of Search Results

Interesting read – you should check it out. Here is the cliff notes version: “Both of the new systems are designed to spare users the extra steps needed in the past to view different types of content related to the same search term. But Google combines these different types of content into one list. Ask […]

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Jason Alba Shares Blogging Secrets as Gifts

Jason Alba is a unique blogger and friend who just had his one year blog birthday. I had previously met him on Linkedin. Jason has many other things in common with me. Amazingly, I only met him in person for the first time recently at SOBCon 07 in Chicago. What I’ll remember about that is […]

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I’m not buying an iPhone today. I’m not buying an iPhone Saturday. I’m not buying an iPhone anytime soon.

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Chicago Tech Entrepreneurs Aza and Jono Eat Cicadas

At BarCamp Chicago, I became aware that Jono and Aza of Humanized had dined on cicadas during the recent cicada brood XIII emergence! While I didn’t ask if they checked with an allergist before dining and eating cicadas as is recommended by many experts, Aza did share the following about the cicada eating experience when […]

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Looking Forward to Barcamp Chicago 2008

I’d like to thank Jason Rexilius for organizing another outstanding Barcamp Chicago event in 2007! I look forward to 2008 – however we should seek to create a process that keeps the communication and collaboration going all year. It is after all a process, not an event. Here are some blog summaries of the event(you […]

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Julie Roehm Chief Marketing Officer Article

Julie Roehm wrote this interesting Imedia Connection article about when it’s time for you to fire your CMO. I’d like to add a few items to Julie Roehm’s list: 1) If they don’t understand the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing. More importantly, they need to understand how this gets incorporated in other traditional forms […]

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Matt McCall Gives Venture Capital Investing Tips at Barcamp Chicago

As I’ve gotten to know Matt McCall more, I begin to appreciate his approach. He doesn’t fit the preconceived mold that many would think of when they picture the typical venture capitalist. He’s more of the “people’s VC”. He understands that he uncovers unique future management team talent, investment ideas and can contribute to the […]

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