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Facebook Spamming Your Identity To Drive Their Traffic

The other day I was highly surprised to learn that my Facebook profile was showing up in the top 10 for Google when you Google my name. In my opinion, turning on a feature like this without informing your users of the change to drive traffic using users’ identity to their social network via search engines is rather sleazy. After looking through their 89 zillion privacy options, I could not find a way to do it without excluding current community users which I did not want to do. This was their response to my question on how to do want I wanted.

Hi David,

I’m afraid there is currently no way to prevent your Facebook
account from appearing in a Google search. However, please
keep in mind that only users that are currently able to view
your profile will be able to view your listing in a Google search.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to let me

Thanks for contacting Facebook

Let’s ignore the factual inaccuracies of that statement and just say that Facebook clearly doesn’t get it here. Or purposely chooses not to. I do want everyone who sees Facebook as a valuable tool and who has signed up to be able to search on me and find me. What I don’t want is for people outside this community, who often have misperceptions about these communities to see it when they do a search on me in Google or another search engine. What I don’t get is why it’s not already possible within the confines of the 89 zillion privacy options Facebook already has:

So Facebook, please give this user (and the thousands of others like me) what they want. Immediately add a noindex option for my profile so that community users can fully see and search my profile when inside the community while not allowing outside search engines to index it. I look forward to your prompt action and resolution of this request. Thanks.

10 thoughts on “Facebook Spamming Your Identity To Drive Their Traffic

  1. You should Digg it, when you wanne have a emmidiate reaction.

  2. Actually, it’s not all that bad – it’s been like this at least 6 months, and Google only indexes Facebook pages that are linked to from elsewhere (most commonly, when you post a Facebook badge somewhere like a blog). When not logged in to Facebook, nobody can view that page, and those that are logged in only see a photo and location.

    I agree that they should have a tick box to keep you out of Google results, since a lot of people don’t realize their profiles can be indexed by linking to them.

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  5. Same is true for LinkedIn profiles

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  9. It’s even worse than you think. Cancel your facebook account and your inbox will fill up with spam within minutes, and Google will index your facebook page, even is it’s not active.

  10. They do have an option to remove you from search listings.

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