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Vornado Rocks

I bought my first Vornado fan in 1993, it’s still working today! Vornado fans are powerful, cool and awesome. They also allow you to set the thermostat a few degrees higher in the Summertime, also a good thing.

A few weeks ago, the second fan I bought from them in 1999 had the fan motor die a few weeks back. I called them up and they agreed to replace the motor for free no questions asked. It arrived yesterday and I ‘m pleased to report that the fan works as good as new! Vornado rocks (well they blow too, but in a real good way!).

Wouldn’t it be great if all companies built products that last, stood behind their products and treated their customers with respect like Vornado?


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  1. What a great observation David!

    My home, custom-built by LaDain Owens, local builder and now my good friend, developed a problem 14 years after construction. I called his office to ask for a recommedation on a good contractor to repair a developing leakage problem over a bay window in my kitchen. LaDain said that he would take care of it.

    What I expected was a call back with his recommendation of a quality local contractor.

    A couple of days later, a crew of four men arrived and proceeded to tear down the siding, install new sealant and flashing, and do whatever else they do. Since I authorized no work, I called LaDain to see what was going on. He simply said “It should not have leaked.”

    When he said he would take care of it, he meant just that! It cost me nothing. How many other builders would stand behind their work like that? It’s no wonder that I have recommended LaDain’s company countless times and would not consider anyone else for a new building project.

    It is refreshing to see a craftsman stand behind his work.

    Conversely, I work in the engineering sector of the manufacturing arena. It’s far too commonplace for manufacturers to design their products to “last” just through their warranty period. How sad.

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