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Best Blog Post of 2006 (non-search engine related)

On October 9th, I wrote this about Kathy Sierra’s “Knocking the Exuberance Out of Employees”. It’s a great post and it relates to a lot of problems in the business world in terms of having innovative customer service. Let’s hope her post prompted some people to realize that operating in this manner is a mistake. […]

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The Growing Conversation Debunking the “Social Media Is Dead” Post by Steve Rubel

Karl Long has a great post on this where he encourages others to chime in on this issue. Follow his links. If you are pressed for time, Jeremiah Owyang has a nice summary of the blogoshere reaction. I think the issue of leadership that is able to constantly adapt to change is going to get […]

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I’m Superman, yet more Green Lantern than Calacanis or Arrington!

Historically, I rarely take part in the everybody is taking a survey surveys. Yet this superhero one seemed fun. I seem to rank highly as a superhero, maybe I should try that instead of search engines, mobile search marketing or financial services! Like Steve Rubel, I’m Superman (apparently)! Yet, I’m more Green Lantern than either […]

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Q&A With Jimmy Wales On Search Wikia(wikiasari)

Ever since the Times of London first reported Jimmy Wales intention to start a search engine, the blogosphere has been ablaze with speculation and misinformation about the concept (which is much earlier stage than first reported). While considerable questions remain, Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land did a good job getting some clarification from […]

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Microsoft Sending Out Laptops with Vista Loaded to Some Bloggers

Here is one of them. I wonder why they didn’t just send out update disks to a larger audience? Anyone have insight on that?

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Switching Search Engines is Easy…

“Google’s monopoly power is less threatening than Microsoft’s because changing operating systems is hard, while changing search engines is easy…” – Blake Ross, co-founder of Firefox in his post Tip: Trust is hard to gain, easy to lose. Interesting read. (Update – 7/21 /2009 – updated to Internet Archive – no longer is live.)

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Merry Christmas!!!

It’s interesting to note that Google’s 2006 Christmas transition logo shows someone making a gift themselves. If everyone made all gifts themselves, search engine marketing would cease to exist, so it’s more that a bit of an interesting choice for them to show, don’t you think?

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