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Costco – Now Customer Listening?

In September, I made a post about my feelings about Costco (COST). In it I posted about some items they needed to restock and the need for a change in culture focused on customers. Costco has now restocked one of these items, the Texas Garlic Toast (after dropping the high end product consumers rejected). I […]

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Google Indent Glitch?

Google appears to have a glitch in the search results for #1 Google Indent rating groupings. Frequently, an item in the first grouping is showing up as the number two search result as well! Hopefully, Matt Cutts, Adam Lasnik and the team will find the glitch in short order, they are typically on top of […]

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Great Last Minute Gift Ideas

The Never Eat Alone Blog (Keith Ferrazzi’s blog) has numerous good ideas for networkers. I’ll add one of my own: Give the gift of your personal time to offer to help someone achieve their goals – that gift is priceless! Networking tip regarding the Cardscan gift idea: When designing a new business card always check […]

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Andy McKee Featured on Youtube Front Page!

I first met Andy McKee at an acoustic music festival in Kansas in 2003. He is among several awesome fingerstyle guitar players including Tommy Emmanuel (see my Tommy Emmanuel interview), Neil Jacobs, Brian Henke, Peppino D’Agostino and others that don’t get mass media exposure. For several years these great players have labored with little or […]

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Google’s Mobile Ad Guidelines Page

I recently noticed that Google started a Mobile Ads guideline page. The following is of great interest to me: “Follow proper grammar conventions. You may use common text message abbreviations.” I’d like to see some more detail about what is meant exactly by “You may use common text message abbreviations.” The #1 result for “text […]

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Networking Insight

It was such a great pleasure to see my good friend Jason Jacobsohn at the Chicagoland Entrepreneurship Center holiday party last night. That community does so many positive and good things and I’m glad I know many of them well. He also launched a new blog this week, “Networking Insight” this week which I encourage […]

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Digg Adding Podcasting Section

Techcrunch is reporting that Digg will add podcasting and other new features today on it’s 2nd birthday. Happy Birthday Digg! My only┬áconcern is that since podcasting has a higher rate of “user-generated” content, wouldn’t this category be more susceptible to gaming?

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