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The Recent Economist Article

It probably isn’t surprising to you that many people in the Search Engine Marketing arena don’t read the Economist. So I’ll point out this unique article. Fantastic read here on advertising and how it’s changing. It will require new leaders with a combination of both people skills, branding and data skills like those found in […]

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Internet Retailer 2006 Workshop Summary: Site Search

Site Search: The Web’s In-Store Merchandising Tool – 20-40% of online shoppers use search to find products (Forrester) – 47% of searchers give up after one search Insight: Users don’t care about searching, they care about finding. As such, search is one part of a “findability system”. Certain domains tend to be more searchable like […]

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The Motley Fool Suggests Google is “Killing the Internet”

So far this month there have been two noteworthy pieces written about click fraud and related issues. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban blogs that click fraud is “FAR greater” than imagined. Quite an interesting read and one coming from a wealthy Internet pioneer to boot. It’s clear that he has a strong opinion on this subject. […]

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Indy 500 Television Coverage

ABC USA television had an interesting new way to show commercials during today’s Indy 500. During the commercial breaks they continued to show the content of the program! The race was on the left side in a slightly smaller box than the commercial on the right side. In addition, right above the commercial the organization’s […]

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I’m #1!!! (literally)

With the most recent index in Google, my site is now in the #1 position on Google and MSN for the term “David Dalka”. I’m also #2 on Yahoo! It’s impossible to isolate the influence of blog crawlers versus new links to this site, though it would be interesting to know which played a stronger […]

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Yahoo! and eBay Form Strategic Partnership

Yahoo! users will be able to buy goods using Paypal. This is good for eBay but not unique, other internet retailers, like already allow this. “Yahoo! will become the exclusive third-party provider of all graphical advertisements throughout the site” states the press release. That is significant. I would like to learn more about […]

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MSN eating into Google?

I read this interesting article discussing MSN and Google. It would be interesting to hear more comments on this issue.

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