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Questions Regarding Recent SEMPO Survey

At SES Chicago 2006, Tim Daly from SENTEC stated that it would be nice if “SEMPO became more than just a cocktail party” during a session on Search Arbitrage issues. It’s an interesting statement, but based on the recent election results for the board of directors it appears that Mr. Daly will not be influencing that opinion directly during 2007.   […]

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Mobile Search Marketing Web Property Traffic

Of course this data source is only a proxy at best, but it’s interesting to look at trends, correlate news events and ponder possible meanings. Enjoy. 🙂

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WordPress PDA Plugin Installed

I’ve installed the WordPress PDA plugin in to make my blog compatible with most mobile devices. Please check it out and let me know if you have and problems. Thanks.

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Jumptap Gets Injection from WPP Group

Goobile had a write up about it. WPP had more on the release here. This is an extremely interesting investment from an untraditional source. Time will tell what is means fully.

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School Policies Adversely Affecting Mobile

Joe McNally wrote a nice article questioning the reasoning of a recent rule banning cell phones in schools in Milwaukee, Wisconson. It raises the question whether the mobile industry has a role to play in educating people about the downsides of such rules? It’s a good read – these are the highlights: It’s amazing how […]

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Illinois Sues SMS Text Message Spammers

A surprisingly very lightly reported news story talked about the dark side of SMS, text spammers. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan recently filed a federal lawsuit against a pair of Florida SMS spammers who sent 5 million unsolicited text messages!!! Increasingly I’m seeing a consumer backlash against untargeted SMS messages. We’ve trained people to search […]

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Mobile Phone Usage Creates Economic Growth in Developing Nations

This interesting article discusses it. A real good read that certainly reframes some perceptions. When you read it one thing becomes clear, countries with legacy infrastructure are likely to not adopt as quickly as demand is not as urgent. The ultimate effects of this are not yet fully clear but I think it’s an important […]

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