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Most Interesting Things I Saw at Internet Retailer Conference & Expo 2013 (IRCE2013)

IRCE 2013 again had a jammed packed expo hall full of the best vendors in ecommerce.

One of the first companies I encountered was Riskified. Riskified was one of the most unique new offerings that improves customer experience and business performance while reducing merchant risk that I saw at IRCE2013. Eido Gal is passionate about his organization – “Riskified reviews, approves & guarantees transactions you would otherwise decline”

Jai Rawat was one of the most visible people at #IRCE2013 this year – he reached out to me prior to the show, he was at every evening event I attended and I had the pleasure of watching him address several prospect question sessions. Jai has amazing energy and is an outstanding founder who puts the business issues up front. A rare breed. Look forward to learning more about their offerings – “ShopSocially embeds rich social experiences on websites to improve discovery, conversion, engagement and brand amplification.”

There were a few other early phase organizations that I liked that did not want to do an interview because their value propositions were still under development.

The Singapore Post is delivering significant ecommerce services of all types and is a profitable organization. The conversations I had with these folks were fascinating as they told me about innovations unimaginable in the USA. I hope to visit their facility someday in the future to fully document their unique story.

In terms of companies that are household names doing cool new stuff:
FedEx – Fed Ed has a new service called Fedex Delivery Manager that allows you to control your packages destiny and special delivery instructions. I really like this concept as I’ve always felt the consumer was the true customer of delivery services.

I also loved the the vibe I saw at Digital River and Netsuite booths, both companies have knowledgeable people seeking to do the right thing for their customers. Many other great conversations were had, but these stand out.

What did you see and like at IRCE2013?

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