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SES Chicago 2007: Seth Godin Talks about Meatball Sundae

Seth’s talk was a more refined version of the teleconference he gave last month. I blogged that here. Three questions I want put out to the blogosphere for discussion are:

Should organizations be smaller like tree trunks instead of the traditional pyramids?

How can this change take place if most leaders don’t know it’s necessary and are not up to speed about what to do or how to do it even if they acknowledged the issue?

How will recruiting morph to put the generalist thought leaders in place to lead this change – perhaps those with competencies derived in other industries or through accelerated self learning?

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2 thoughts on “SES Chicago 2007: Seth Godin Talks about Meatball Sundae

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  2. I was at the SES, but I actually missed Seth’s talk. Was it any good, or just a pitch to get conference attendees to start evangelizing his book?

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