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Thank You, Robert Nelson

This morning I noticed a new link in my WordPress dashboard. So I check out the site and don’t immediately see the link in a recent post.  Then I look closer and see a new blogroll link in Robert’s site!

Thank you Robert! There is likely no higher honor you could pay me as a blogger than to add me to your blogroll. It’s not only humbling but also it occasionally makes me write a post like this! If I ever make it to Seattle again to talk to a company about moving there, I’ll have to look you up.

Wanna be like Robert? The code for adding a link and the suggested anchor text is on the right hand side of the screen. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Thank You, Robert Nelson

  1. YourMost Welcome. As an aside, there was an article today on Zdnet entitled Ick!, There are old Men on Facbook or something to that effect, the gist being anyone over say 30 or certainly if there a father of a female teen-ager are either spying on them, a pervert, or worse. Seemed to miss the whole point of social networking.

  2. Update: The Blogroll mentioned has gone into cyberspace and all attempts to retrieve it have been unsuccessful. So Sorry. My web host only keeps databases for a week or two and by the time I knew that a database restore was a possible cure the ones tried didn’t help restore the Blogroll. So according to The Semiologic Pro Developer I’m out of options.

  3. The Blogroll is back

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