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Jeff Pulver Knows How to Party in Chicago

What can I say? Good food, awesome music and great conversation with NXTCOMM folks. You can throw a party for me anytime! 😉

Liz Strauss says that Jeff is looking for ways to describe “The Herding Cats”. I’d say an “exhilarating and uplifting rock power trio” from my days writing at

Jeff – Based on watching The Herding Cats, I think you’d really like this band Red Wanting Blue check them out the YouTube video below. They are at the Lion’s Den in New York City on August 3rd. I’d be only too happy to make the introduction to the lead singer so you could attend as a guest.

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  1. […] keeps a good eye on events and tech in the area. We got the chance to chat at last week’s party hosted by Jeff Pulver and we’ll be seeing more of each other at Ad:Tech in July. David also gave me some good […]

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