Chicago Tech Community Charity Texas Hold Em Poker Tournament

The Save Abandoned Babies Foundation held a poker fund raiser in Glenview last night (June 16, 2007). It was a great event where everyone was a winner – both organizers and participants alike. Organized by Dawn Geras and others, generously hosted by Allen Kutchins and magic provided by D. J. Ehlert.

There was a good size crowd and many faces I recognized along with a great food spread. I met some new ones as well. Fortunately the event was in an area not frequented by cicadas. Pictured below are Bob Geras with Ron May and then Ron “Watermelon” May with Al Wasserberger serving up the bowl.


  1. WindyBits - June 18, 2007

    Ron May enjoying watermelon…

    That’s all the caption you’re gonna get.


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