Depaul New Venture Challenge Chicago

This was the second year I’ve had the honor to serve as a judge in the Depaul New Venture Challenge since its inception. I’m proud of my Depaul undergraduate degree roots and continued association with Depaul University College of Commerce and am pleased to serve. Its a great business school that is active in creating a positive community impact. As the number of startups that I’m involved with grows in regards to business plans and financing and viral marketing plans and to be involved with giving feedback to entrepreneurs is most exciting. Raman Chada and his team should be proud of what they of what they have created as it has great potential to spark a renaissance in Chicago. I look forward to being involved in future years and hope that one day I might be fortunate enough to participate in scaling a Chicago based company that was born in this process!

Jason Jacobsohn wrote a nice summary of the May awards event, so I won’t add other details other than to say that Rania El-Sorrogy is in amazing entrepreneur who will likely create many companies in her lifetime and that I hope to get to know her better over time. Keith Schacht was also in attendance at the event and said a little bit about it.

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