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Comcasted – Issues Almost Closed Out Now

The serious problems that my Mom and I had recently experienced with Comcast, explained in a post that was promoted to the Digg front page in this guest blog post from my Mom, are on the way to being resolved. We have received refund checks and are awaiting letters confirming that we do not owe Comcast any modems […]

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Server Move

Hello there. It’s been quiet here as I attempt to upgrade everything to be WordPress 2.1 friendly. To top it all off, I will be moving servers this evening. Pure craziness. So if this site in unreachable for a bit, that is why. As always I appreciate your patience, friendship and assistance. Thanks.

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Joshua Schachter = Awesomely Helpful Guy

I was having a small problem with, after stumbling around the site, I found a Yahoo! yellow smiley face with his name on it. Not only did he address my issue, we chatted for about 30 minutes. Tremendously nice fellow. It’s nice to see a founder still accessible and working away on his project […]

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Yahoo Suggestions – Suggestion Deleted

In my post earlier today on Yahoo! Suggestions, I stated the following (in bold no less): “If Yahoo! builds the appropriate mechanisms to utilize and respond to this feedback, it could easily be the most important thing they do all year.” I made a post on Yahoo! Suggestions – “Yahoo! E-mail – please improve the […]

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Adam Soroca of Jumptap Interviewed

Interesting discussion that starts to talk about behaviorial targeting.

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10 habits of happy couples

Keith sent out this good advice today….enjoy…. ————————————————- Today Dr. Mark Goulston shares with us his new article “10 Habits of Happy Couples.” Happy Valentine’s Day! Keith Ferrazzi —————————- 10 Habits of Happy Couples by Dr. Mark Goulston —————————- Happy couples know that the real relationship begins when the honeymoon is over. Unless you maintain […]

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Technorati Oddity

I got a new link from a “new blog” this morning. The only problem is that it’s one blog post that part of another blog that links to me already, SEO by the Sea. Here’s a screen shot in case it vaporizes: This is kind of strange. What is going on here?

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