Techcocktail3 is Thursday in Chicago

Techcocktail 3 (RSVP required) is Thursday night! It’ll be nice to see Frank Gruber, Eric Olson, Matt McCall, other venture capitalists, angel funding sources and high growth start ups changing the web scene.

It’s a great opportunity to talk with people and seek relationships of partnership, introductions I’m looking for:

1) Angel or Venture Capital funding for a startup I’m advising and would like be a part of

2) Startups, ecommerce companies or search engines seeking Sales, Marketing or Business Development leadership (open to relocation)

3) Ways to utilize my financial services background in the financing channels of this space

4) Progressive large companies seeking transformation of process and interaction with customers

I will be arriving early at 5:30, I would welcome detailed conversations of any of these issues with anyone who would like to meet up early to talk. Please reach out to me if you’d like to do this. See you there!

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