SMF 1.1 released

In summary, the changes/fixes since SMF 1.1 RC3 include:

  • Option to require visual verification when sending a personal message
  • Adjusted readability of visual verification system
  • Added option to limit number of personal messages that can be sent per hour
  • Fixed several javascript errors
  • Fixed time offset bug
  • Disallowed multiple failures with visual verification
  • Made several UTF8 fixes
  • Fixed various undefined index errors

SMF is great, well documented software that works well and took seconds to install. It also has a great and helpful user community. Beta like software leadership, like WordPress, could learn much about releasing professional and software that fixes any glitches on a reinstall. I’d strongly urge both Matt Mullenweg and Toni Schneider to reverse engineer the success that is Simple Machines, it would be great to have fully functioning WordPress software again that makes trackbacks and works flawlessly. Hopefully, WordPress will do the right thing and seriously address these issues.  

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