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Upcoming October Conferences

HR Technology Conference October 4-6, 2006, Navy Pier Scheduled marketing keynote speaker at eComXpo October 24th-26th, please register for free…

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Goolge Sitemaps, er, WebMaster Tools – Odd Behavior

Google Webmaster Tools tells me: Indexing summary Pages from your site are included in Google’s index.    [?] Googlebot last successfully accessed your home page on Sep 24, 2006 . Potential indexing problems: We do not know about all the pages of your site. You can submit a Sitemap to tell us more about your […]

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Costco (COST) – Needs Customer Focused Perspective – Post #2

On my last trip to Costco, September 3rd, I discussed some problems and things needing change. My return visit today showed that they still haven’t changed any of the items mentioned, in fact some were worse today. The Palmiers had not been restocked. The romaine lettuce all had expiration dates two days from today. Being in a single person […]

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Danny Sullivan Seeks the Elusive “S. Larson”

Why is Citibank using a fake name in letters to people after all? It’s a good question…

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Email crisis!!!

Yahoo! and Gmail both need to put work into their e-mail software. I’ve outlined this in previous posts. Yesterday was the last straw though.  My Yahoo! webmail lets spam through that it shouldn’t – all the time – while classifying real email as spam. Yet yesterday I was told that an email from a relatively new gmail […]

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