An Alternative is a new job aggregator that differentiates itself from in that it doesn’t pick up  postings from headhunters, third party recruiters or too-good-to-be-true scam jobs. They claim that 70% of the postings can’t be found on commercial job boards. They do have Ladders affiliate ads however, so the option is still there, it’s just in a less spammy format on an ad on the side. I like this and it’s potential. What it lacks in comparison to Indeed is the freshness date of the listing, this is a major oversight that, once rectified, would make it a superior product.

What I’m not certain about:

– Mr. Amato states, “Most employers don’t post ALL of their openings on traditional job sites because it would be cost prohibitive, but they do post them to their own corporate career center, which costs nothing, we help jobseekers find these hidden jobs.” This is not 100% true – for some reason many employers do not post all open jobs, choosing to keep senior jobs private and undisclosed. This is most unfortunate as many qualified and passionate seekers are not enabled to be looked at and more employers need to look at becoming fully transparent.

– How does one know that these companies actually utilize posted resumes and not primarily from recruiters?

– Mr. Fulton then states, “This allows jobseekers to read the entire job description and apply for the job using the companies preferred application method. It is believed that resumes passed directly through a company career site are more visible than those transmitted through a third-party site.” Based on what?

– Not having a searchable resume database is interesting, but it’s very time consuming to fill out things with an uncertain outcome.

Overall, I appreciate Bob Etheridge for calling me and informing me about the service, with a few tweaks, I could see it becoming a strong player in the marketplace.


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