OnRec Chicago Conference 2006 – Day 2

Joel Cheesman, President, HRSEO

Blogger’s view of online recruitment and beyond

“I’m in control. The individual is in control.”

Risk is good!!! Stare risk in the eye and take a chance!!! It’s not life or death.

Information overload – people are overloaded with information.

N’sync, sold 1 million albums first week, Napster. The Long Tail became an infinite tail of data for music. The tail is getting longer with job sites.

Search is very important to local job sites. Search is intent based advertising. Vertical search is particular channels. Indeed, Simplyhired, Jobster, etc.

API – I can take the technology of a company and put it on my own site.

Monster is not customer friendly.

Myspace – the suits moved in, TOS change so that we own it, critical mass attracts the evil doers now. Candidate for governor has a Myspace page. How uncool is that to young people.

Verticals have a problem with monetization. Simplyhired, lets get as many seekers as possible.

2 blogs created every second. What if you had blogs that showed the true face of the corporation. Showed “what if” example for McDonald’s with audience member.

Attract passive seeker with blogs.

Push versus pull – the world is changing about pull instead of push. Be remarkable!!! (or are you linkworthy?)

Shally Steckerl, Manager, Core Technical Central Sourcing Team, Microsoft Corp

Raised in Colombia, South America, has worked in Nicaragua and Australia

Former Peace Corps, conduct and train on International Sourcing

Why does sourcing differ from country to country? Privacy standards, solicitation is not OK in some places, blogging is not increasing at the same rate in other countries, some people perplexed by this amount of information and you need to read up on cultural nuances of each target company.
Windowontheworldonline.com – useful country cultural information

Recruiting works best by region, while sourcing typically works best by channel.


Searchenginecolossus.com – country specific search engines

Domain extensions typically correlate with ISO country codes.

Patrick Sullivan, President, Workopolis

Canada’s biggest generalist job board, niche in terms of country focus

51% think they will find your next role on the web

Pecking order in Canada: Workopolis, Working, Monster, Jobboom

Strong partnerships with newspapers

Tiered levels – now additional fees

Peter Weddle, Edito and Publisher, Weddles.com

Climbed the Matterhorn – outstanding story

The way you approach a challenge allow you to define success.

The war for any talent (there is still battle wounds from this in my opinion) morphed into the war for the best talent

Scarcity on verticals and for A-level performers

Defining attributes
– They are passionate about their career
– They’re not as rare as you think
– They listened to their mother
– They must be convinced to change devils

We need to understand what works best?

Prediction: job boards will double every three years.

Specialization and Transformation
There is no barrier to entry in the online employment industry

It is one the most successful segments of the e-commerce space

It’s tough to tell a well capitalized, well run site from something else

It’s surprises Peter that the institutional knowledge is not collected for the enterprise

International Association of Employment Web Sites (800+ sites)

Protect the privacy of information, the data that they report to you is accurate

Career Community Centers are the new trend

2GP + 3N + 2D = 1GH

Sign-off/Call to Action
(tailor your information)

Mentioned University of Michigan study in which hiring managers were only 4% better than a coin flip.

John Sumser, Founder and President, IBN: interbiznet.com

Death of Diversity
– No Longer a Theory
– Requires Practical Tolerance
– Not Acceptance, Reliance
– Harness What You Already Have

Top 10
Quantify and Test Your Assumptions
Lead With Like Gets Like
Encourage Collaborative Communications
Embrace Negative Publicity
Create Dynamic Employee Feedbackloops
Define Workforce Requirements, Flexible Solutions
Practice Small Group Commnity Development
Tune Employment Brand To Desired Workforce
Teach The problem. Use the Data. Encourage Dialog.

John Younger, Founder and CEO, Accolo

Employee Referrals are the Best Source of Candidates
Only the Outcome Counts
It’s the Work, Not the Job
Align the Values

Job Seeker and Hiring Manager Satisfaction trending lower

94% of online applicants never hear anything from anyone

Disrespect is now expected from candidate.

Exactly the same model is being used from 1963 – more tools does not equal more productivity!!!

Battle of the Brands
Corporate Brand
– Become Employer of Choice
– Focus only on Corporate Success

Personal Brand
– MySpace
– Family Web Site
– Personal website

Interesting Work – why the right person would want the job

Personal Interest at this time

His Currency

Recruiting Relativity Theory – Desire to move is not a constant

– We are all “temporaries”, it’s just a matter of degrees
– We are all in various stages of availability
– The term “candidate” only defines a stage of life

Matthew Parker, Group Managing Direcor, StepStone Solutions 

Europe – labor shortage (20 million by 2030 per projections)

Sweden – Candidate must authorize data deletion

Matthew detailed a number of very interesting problems with data and legal conflict in Europe.

Louis Vong, VP Interactive Strategy, TMP (talks too fast)

Mobile networking is the web outside.

Mobile users are using “fill time”

There are more mobile than landline phone subscribers at this point n time

350 Billion text messages are exchanged every month

Advergaming – $1.8 Billion by 2008

Starbucks – Summer Scavenger Hunt



Download mobile assessment tests involving games

Gave away an Ipod by asking for a text of the alphabet – half the respondents in attendance got it wrong! Scary indeed.

(If you attended the ERE conference – come see what you missed at Onrec!)

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