SES San Jose Day 4 – Search Engine Q&A On Links

MSN – Ramez Naam

Links – What do they mean?

Discovery – How do you find it?

Reputation – How important is this page?

Annotation – What is this page about?

Key Principal of Links
Short and Readable
Useful and Navigating
In a Useful Location, Font, Color, etc.

Build good content and they will come!

Ask – Kaushal Kurapati

A link is a vote of authorization of the page being linked too.

Ask Approach –
Search the index to collect & calculate global information
Break the index into communities
Collect & calculate local subject-specific information
Apply all pertinent links

– Be cautious of reciprocal links
– Become an authority on a subject

Google – Adam Lasnik

We want links that are useful for humans?

Do your links make sense?

Yahoo! Rajat Mukherjee

Let’s try  to think beyond links.

Keywords, meta tags, links, new things are emerging – social search is subjective opinions – new search experiences – look at your in links, meta data. – different signals will involve links

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