ad:tech Chicago 2006 – Developing an Integrated Local Media Strategy

Warren Kay – Yahoo!

Fred Lebolt – Chicago Sun-Times

Shawn Reigsecker, Founder and President, Centro

Marc Barach, CMO, Ingenio, Inc.

Local based online advertising will likely mirror offline advertising; becoming 1/3 of all spending over time.

Fred Lebolt – Integration must occur before local and then integrated local. Most have not begun the integration process. Audience targeted delivery.  F+B+M = A Frequency + Branding + Messaging = Audience – the integration piece. Marketing analysis to figure out integrated strategy. The second strategy is local strategy. To me it means geography. Advertisers say they want mass media at the local level. Changing these messages is work. Hard work. Having the offline piece is our greatest advantage. Client example – US Cellular, bundled offline and online campaign covering.

Warren Kay – Two sides of the equation – location and advertisers. National advertisers increasingly want to tailor – zip code, etc. Subscription based model for small businesses.
Pay for performance that is variable. National advertisers can adjust the message.  Online portal. We struggle with what is local internally. Local small businesses spend money nationally.

Marc Baruch – We are so early in this game. 98% of businesses have never purchased online advertising. There is a huge disconnect. When I think of integration, I think that is step two. Getting more people online is step one. Driving customers to a web site is a tactic, not a strategy. Pay for performance is the model for now. Before we get to integrated platforms, we need an expanded group of products. Any media is not susceptible to pay for performance adverting. I think integration is a long way off as the number of ways to do things is expanding.

Shawn Riegsecker – We are the leading provider of local media. We have access have access to over 3,000 publishers. This is a really timely topic. This is the first local panel at an ad:tech. When you think about clients, very few are truly national. How search drove advertising for the last few years, local will be doing now for the next several years. Brands want content. When I talk, I talk about national versus local, I’m not talking local versus local. I come at it form a different view. We are missing out on the largest content play available. You can’t buy the search engine front pages at the local level. To move forward, there needs to be a common platform.

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