Google Local/Google Maps – Michael Adelberg Summary of GeoDomain Speech

On June 3, 2006, Michael Adelberg, Strategic Partner Development Manager at Google spoke at the Associated Cities’ Geo Domain conference regarding local search trends and opportunities. Special thanks to Patrick Carleton and Brad Spirrison for making my attendance possible.

Michael stated that it is his division’s mandate to, “Organize the world’s local information and make it useful.” He then stated that, “No one company can do it.”

“The most important use of Google maps will take place off of Google.”

Bus Monster – GPS actual bus locals with Google Maps

Unesco –  maps

Mashups – news site

Maxim magazine cover on the desert floor.

Sketchup – 3d modeling

New and Interesting
* Google Maps for Mobile

* Google Sitemaps – do our work for us. (Bloomberg type model)

* Google Base – product push – searching over structured content

* Google Co-op – social search

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