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At SES San Jose / Silicon Valley 2008 Day 1

I had a flawless trip in from Chicago on Southwest Airlines (with a bunch of people with Dell computers with flaws – mostly dvd and hinge problems) and am here staying with my good friend David Temple during Search Engine Strategies San Jose. It’s a kinda different show this year in both the crowd and […]

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Nokia N81 8GB Review

A few weeks ago┬áI was sent a Nokia N81 8GB mobile phone. This post will contrast it with Nokia N73 it replaced. Image by tnkgrl via Flickr Positives of the Nokia N81 8GB: – The first thing you notice is new radically different navigation on N-series phones. The green and red call and hang up […]

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SES Chicago 2007 : David Isenberg on Net Neutrality

I’d like to think thank Kevin Ryan for bringing in this marketing speaker and challenging the audience to think about this issue. Marty has a great summary of the session. My follow up question to Kevin is how can the SES community be best utilized to be an activist catalyst for this?

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The Meaning of is is

Michael Arrington ‘is contemplating the meaning of “is”.‘ As per a recent Facebook message change (that has now been changed back). This issue of the meaning of “is” seems to be a recurring problem in our society. You might recall this statement by former President Clinton: “It depends on what the meaning of the words […]

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Is My Feed Formatting OK in Your Feed Reader of Choice?

Please let me know if it is or if it isn’t what you are using and what you are seeing. A few people have reported problems in the past 24 hours. Thank you for your time and help in making my feed reading a positive experience.

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Blogger Hasn’t Removed Other Blogs Violating Copyright

There is a big discussion going on this morning regarding Blogger taking down the Facebook Secrets blog that posted the leaked Facebook code. I’ve got a better and far more important question, why the major inconsistency in what the Blogger team takes down? On May 11, I wrote a post about a large splog hosted […]

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March 31st is the New April 1st

Yep. Making a note to block off 48 hours in 2008.

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