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Search Engine Journal Adwords Quality Score Scoop!

Go read it! Wow…interesting comments over there for sure…

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Revisiting SOBcon07 – Welcome to Chicago for SOBcon08!!!

You remember how much fun it was to be at the successful and outstanding blogger conference last year…don’t you? I was sitting next to converstations Mike Sansone all day and I learned a ton about community! I got a little tip from Robyn Tippins who I’d known for years online and had never met in […]

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Winners of 11th Annual ad:tech Awards

ad:tech announced the winners of the of the 11th annual ad:tech awards. Congrats to all of the successful winners! The 2008 Industry Achievers: Pete Blackshaw (Executive VP, Digital Strategic Services, Nielsen Online) has been an industry leader since co-leading p&g’s interactive marketing efforts. He founded, coined the term “consumer-generated media,” and co-founded the Word-of-Mouth […]

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Net.Finance 2008: Jon Kaplan of Google – YouTube and Financial Services

Before I post about Jon’s interesting session, I’ll note that it’s important that marketers considering using this channel read my post on YouTube Video Optimization as there are many highly unique search engine optimization techniques that can improve your success in this area. Jon Kaplan’s talk starts here: Youtube was founded at a dinner party […]

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Net.Finance 2008 – Retail Mobile Banking at Wells Fargo: Eskander Matta, Senior Vice President, Internet Services

Mobile phone penetration in the US is now 95%+ and data plan penetration is now 50%+ Modalities:                             Usage   Capable phones Texting                                        50%     100% Mobile Browser,                         25%      >60% Downloadable Application        […]

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How To Triple Your Current Adsense Income – Max Davis

If you’ve got some free time and some sales skills, Max’s post shows you a long-term alternative to Adsense. Most people don’t have the time or the skills to do the direct selling he suggests, but I love the creativity and analysis of the facts. Top notch. Bravo! His post gives an all too rare […]

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