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king Dalka

OK as you know I’m not exactly the biggest lover of splogs. But when a splog links to my Google post with the anchor text “king Dalka”, it certainly gets my attention. I almost have to think the splogs are lobbying for my support?

If the splog lobby really wants to win me over, they should try anchor text like Chicago, Sales, Marketing, Local, Mobile, Search which are all better terms to link me with in the future…

Got that sploggers?

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Is Google Planning a New Campus?

This job description seems to indicate the future acquisition of new land for more Googleplex locations….

1)  Responsible for overseeing all aspects of Google’s new building program in Northern California.

2) Experience in with campus development projects required.

Anyone have ideas where this might be located or have information about the plans?  Do tell.

    Director Real Estate and Workplace Services (HQ/NorCal) – Mountain View

This position is based in Mountain View, CA.

The Director of Real Estate and Workplace Services/HQ Properties, NorCal is responsible for the delivery of all aspects of real estate development, transaction management, project management and workplace services (office management) for all Google offices located in the Northern California. This position will liaise with company leadership to establish an overall strategic facilities plan and execute the plan within the framework of the global real estate plan, budget and service delivery methodology. This position reports directly to the Vice President of Real Estate and Workplace Services.


* Responsible for overseeing all aspects of Google’s new building program in Northern California.
* Responsible for all aspects of transaction management within the region; site selection and lease negotiation.
* Responsible for all design, tenant build outs, and facility management within the region.
* Responsible for the delivery of all workplace services within the region including building operations, reception and mail services and office management.
* Develop detailed operating budgets for each office within corporate performance metrics and manage each line of service within established budgets.
* Define goals and objectives for outsourced service providers and manage their performance against defined goals.
* Develop, implement and monitor regional strategic facility goals against corporate metrics established by the Vice President of Real Estate and Workplace Services.
* Educate and set reasonable expectations for company leadership, their management teams and all Googlers about the real estate process, schedule and costs.
* Develop and maintain strong alliances and effective communication channels at all levels within the region.
* Ensure continual process improvement of Real Estate and Workplace Services’ delivery model.
* Perform financial analysis of projects and prepare recommendations the management team.
* Generate real estate reports, executive presentations and business cases.
* Ensure regional service quality and client satisfaction.


* Bachelors’ degree from a mid to top tier school in related field (i.e. business, engineering etc.), MBA preferred.
* 10+ years corporate/commercial real estate.
* Experience in with campus development projects required.
* Experience in a high-tech, fast paced environment preferred.
* Strong interpersonal, communication and presentation skills.
* Innovated, critical thinker.
* Demonstrate the ability to think strategically.
* Demonstrate ability to prioritize multiple and changing initiatives.
* Detail oriented with strong analytical, organizational, interpersonal and negotiation skills.
* Strong customer service skills.

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If You Were Recruiting An Acoustic Guitar Player…Tommy Emmanuel

If you were going to recruit an acoustic guitar player, what attributes would you seek?

If you were recruiting in the traditional manner, you’d seek these attributes:
– college degree in music
– experience working for an orchestra or band
– experience in an educational institution as a music teacher

But if you were looking for a true leader and innovator these measures would miss the hidden gems. People who are self taught are often thought leaders and innovators who lead to breakthroughs because they lack certain limiting beliefs. Tommy Emmanuel is one such person. Let’s look at his unique attributes:
– Tommy is self-taught, having picked up a guitar at a young age
– Tommy has never had any formal training in music
– Tommy has never learned how to read sheet music, yet he knows how to play literally thousands of songs
– Tommy never uses a set list in his solo performances, the creativity flows from circumstance and audience participation
– Tommy constantly innovates and reworks his songs making incremental improvements

Yet, Tommy now plays 300+ nights a year on five continents!!! If you looked at his resume based on traditional measures, you’d likely pass him over. But in the scarce talent, post baby boomer generation we are now entering, people need to look beyond keywords and look into passion and self-taught competencies. Those who do will build industry leading companies. Others will rapidly fall behind and lag in relation to their peers.

I’m fortunate to see Tommy again this evening in Chicago! I had the great pleasure of interviewing Tommy Emmanuel in 2003. Such a remarkable and inspiring person. Here are some samples of his live work on Youtube, enjoy!

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FCF07 – The Role of Mobile Search in Social Computing

Presenter: Charles Golvin, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

I didn’t get around to posting this last week, these are some high points of Charles’ all too short talk:

Mobile data adoption is growing, but skews young. Many people still have not been exposed to mobile ads.

They don’t trust SMS ads. They also don’t want to pay for something in lieu of advertising. In the current state this creates contradictions.

The most interesting thing he said in his talk was when he showed Google mobile search and then stated, “I think Google imitated Yahoo! in this regard”.

Offline visual codes are powerful mechanisms for simplifying mobile call-to-action. (I’d expand this to state that it will become powerful for creating an effective multi-channel strategy as many people are too focused on mobile alone.)

Mobile should eventually be abbreviated, transactional, measurable and integrated with physical world.

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FCF07 – Social Media Brought My Jacket Back!!!

Wow!!! On Friday when I posted about my lost jacket, I stated this:

Then I had a talk with security who informed me that there are multiple video cameras in the Grand Ballroom and if someone did walk off with it’s highly likely that they would be able to pinpoint the person especially since the room was 3/4 empty at that point.

Then you find out who your friends in the blogosphere are, Jeremiah Owyang mentioned it on his blog and verbally to several conference luminaries.

The rest of Friday I heard nothing and considered the jacket lost. Then on Saturday 44 hours after the time I lost it, an anonymous person turned the jacket in at the front desk and declined to be named when asked! When the Hilton called me I couldn’t believe it at first! While the blog posts and Jeremiah’s efforts were likely directly responsible, I must say that I’m pleased that whomever had it decided that turning it in was the right thing to do whether it was out of good intentions, guilt or fear being exposed by the videotape. It’s one of those events that strengthens my faith in the goodness of people and that things can turn out for the best – so in the end that is the positive message – be transparent, communicate and good things will happen!

I’d also like to sincerely thank Ray Stokes at the Hilton for his amazing helpfulness during this event, it will long be remembered.

Thank you everybody!

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DMA07 – Pre-Conference Keynote John Adams The Martin Agency

John Adam’s agency leads the GEICO account recently with it’s multiple story lines.

John asserts that two major things are changing at present in the advertising marketplace:

1) The destruction of integrated marketing and direct control of brands is no longer possible.

2) The nature of storytelling is changing. People can understand multiple branding messages and themes, especially in Generation Y.

It’s totally awesome to be at a traditional marketing conference and hearing some of these themes being not only talked about, but actually practiced. There is still a long, long way to go. This conference with 13,000 delegates traveling from all corners of the earth dwarfs the size of the search marketing and social media conferences that I frequently attend. It quantifies the immense magnitude of the amount of change that is potentially still ahead. It’s kind of overwhelming to think about actually and I don’t overwhelm easily!

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FCF07 – My Leather Jacket is Missing

Let’s experiment to see if the power of Social Media can bring my jacket back to me at the Forrester Consumer Forum!!!

Yesterday after keynote speaker Robert J. Bach from Microsoft spoke, I lost/had stolen one of my most valuable possessions, a rather expensive size 46 leather jacket that I bought a few years back. I *loved* this jacket. It didn’t have that motorcycle look, it didn’t look like it cost 8 zillion dollars. It just look professional and nice – always – and was appropriate in any type of social gathering whether upscale or downscale. That’s how you know something is perfect, you feel comfortable in it anywhere. It took me a long time to find that coat and to say that I feel like my better half is missing this morning is not an understatement.

It all happened as I was reading this awesome summary blog post by Jeremiah and I was talking to Mellissa Stock from Yahoo!. All of the sudden, Sean McDonald from Dell interrupted us and asked to inspect my laptop based on an earlier conversation in the day. As Melissa grew a bit tired of that conversation and started to get up, I asked Sean if we could finish the conversation later. I then walked out with her and didn’t notice I was missing the jacket until I was giving Karl Long a giant hug on Ustream for the world to see. I went back to the location, only about 15 minutes or so after I had left and the jacket was gone. 50 feet away was a jacket that was ready for the trash – it’s my gut feeling that someone ditched that jacket and walked off with mine. But in a crowd of people at a Forrester Consumer Forum? I would expect people to do the right thing and I’m hopeful that they still will.

I then retraced my steps in the hotel just to be doubly sure I didn’t leave it somewhere else. Then I had a talk with security who informed me that there are multiple video cameras in the Grand Ballroom and if someone did walk off with it’s highly likely that they would be able to pinpoint the person especially since the room was 3/4 empty at that point. So if it doesn’t turn up by Noon today at the Forrester coat check or hotel security, I will be filing a police report and hotel security will start the investigation.

I then took my cold trip home, I’m sure Jeff Jarvis might blog about how “Dell Hell froze over today”, but the combination of the flurry of activity, being interrupted and the fact that it’s been warm here for the past week and I wasn’t in “jacket mode” is more likely the cause. Irregardless, if it doesn’t turn up, theft is theft and it’s majorly uncool.

If anyone knows anything about this situation, please email me. My cell phone charger for my Nokia N73 was in the bag and my phone has very little juice left!

Based on the video cameras, it would be wise for whomever has this to do the right thing and turn it in – no questions asked.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s help in this manner. But hey who knows, maybe it’s a sign from a higher power that I’m about to move to a warmer climate where jackets aren’t necessary.