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king Dalka

OK as you know I’m not exactly the biggest lover of splogs. But when a splog links to my Google post with the anchor text “king Dalka”, it certainly gets my attention. I almost have to think the splogs are lobbying for my support? If the splog lobby really wants to win me over, they […]

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Is Google Planning a New Campus?

This job description seems to indicate the future acquisition of new land for more Googleplex locations…. 1)  Responsible for overseeing all aspects of Google’s new building program in Northern California. 2) Experience in with campus development projects required. Anyone have ideas where this might be located or have information about the plans?  Do tell.     […]

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If You Were Recruiting An Acoustic Guitar Player…Tommy Emmanuel

If you were going to recruit an acoustic guitar player, what attributes would you seek? If you were recruiting in the traditional manner, you’d seek these attributes: – college degree in music – experience working for an orchestra or band – experience in an educational institution as a music teacher But if you were looking […]

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FCF07 – The Role of Mobile Search in Social Computing

Presenter: Charles Golvin, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research I didn’t get around to posting this last week, these are some high points of Charles’ all too short talk: Mobile data adoption is growing, but skews young. Many people still have not been exposed to mobile ads. They don’t trust SMS ads. They also don’t want to […]

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FCF07 – Social Media Brought My Jacket Back!!!

Wow!!! On Friday when I posted about my lost jacket, I stated this: Then I had a talk with security who informed me that there are multiple video cameras in the Grand Ballroom and if someone did walk off with it’s highly likely that they would be able to pinpoint the person especially since the […]

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DMA07 – Pre-Conference Keynote John Adams The Martin Agency

John Adam’s agency leads the GEICO account recently with it’s multiple story lines. John asserts that two major things are changing at present in the advertising marketplace: 1) The destruction of integrated marketing and direct control of brands is no longer possible. 2) The nature of storytelling is changing. People can understand multiple branding messages […]

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FCF07 – My Leather Jacket is Missing

Let’s experiment to see if the power of Social Media can bring my jacket back to me at the Forrester Consumer Forum!!! Yesterday after keynote speaker Robert J. Bach from Microsoft spoke, I lost/had stolen one of my most valuable possessions, a rather expensive size 46 leather jacket that I bought a few years back. […]

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