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SES San Jose Day 4 – Buzz Monitoring

Chris Sherman, Co-Chair, SES San Jose
Search Engine Marketing Speakers:
Rob Key, CEO, Converseon
Andy Beal, Consultant, Editor, Author,
Jonathan Ashton, Director of SEO,

Rob Key

Consumers trust each other the most

Social media rapidly gaining SERP Predominance and are now intertwined.

You no longer own your brand. Your brand is a conversation.

What is below the waterline of this iceberg?

You are losing control.

Conversation Mining (Buzz Monitoring)

This conversation is replacing traditional market research.

Are you listening to consumer generated media? You should be….

How do we engage this into a social media strategy.

Go across all and many forms.

It’s amazing how the conversation leads will occur.

Conversation mining provides many, many benefits.

Is this person a reasonable or determined detractor – how you treat them differently.

Andy Beal

Editor –

Writing a book on this subject

Company name, executives, customers, press releases, partners, reviews, etc.

Potential Tools to Use: – industry
Flickr (other photo sharing sites) – now a true search engine

Jonathan Ashton, Director,

Search engines magnify smaller voices.

Buzz Management now equals Brand Management

Remove top down approach to brand management

Powerful impact of consumer comment sites

Blog as a soapbox – existing entry, comment added.

Co-opetition is a key to mitigation

Maximize Your Own Site to Run Interface

Orkin has a Wikipedia page and Terminix does not.

Again, creative thinking and co-opetition.

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