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Chicago Tech Entrepreneurs Aza and Jono Eat Cicadas

At BarCamp Chicago, I became aware that Jono and Aza of Humanized had dined on cicadas during the recent cicada brood XIII emergence! While I didn’t ask if they checked with an allergist before dining and eating cicadas as is recommended by many experts, Aza did share the following about the cicada eating experience when he sent me a follow up roasted cicada picture:

I’ve attached the picture of Jono with skewered Cicadas. We prepared them by marinating them in white wine before roasting them over smoldering coals. They tasted like freshly roasted peanuts, but with a slightly bitter aftertaste. If you closed your eyes, you wouldn’t know that you were eating a cicada except that the legs scratched a bit on the way down.

6 thoughts on “Chicago Tech Entrepreneurs Aza and Jono Eat Cicadas

  1. Ughh. That comment about the legs turned my stomach.

  2. The guys from Humanized eat bugs…

    “Marinated in white wine,” makes it classy, uh, I guess. Also see Cool, Chicago-based software.


  3. mmm. tasty. Can I get them with a side of fries?

  4. I was just sick in my mouth a little. Um, thanks for sharing that wonderful photographic experience 😉

  5. bwahhhhhhhhhhhh owwww. i don’t think that food will go in my stomach…. 🙁

  6. those look like potato bugs

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