UPS – Not Customer Focused

Today’s WSJ Journal talks about UPS software. Well, I actually consider UPS to not be customer focused and in need of resetting it’s priorities. What I mean is that the person being shipped to is the ultimate customer not the shipper. The person receiving the package is the one paying for both the shipping and your salary and is the true ultimate customer. It’s about time UPS spent both time and money on acknowledging that reality and serving that customer as a true customer not an object there for UPS convenience. 

Hardly any of their software focuses on satisfying the one receiving the package. Allowing people to control the last mile of the package, electronically instruct UPS where and when to leave it is where they should be focusing their efforts. In my post about my recently purchased Dell computer, I discussed how UPS shipping was the worst part of the experience. When is UPS going to recognize the people being shipped to as the true customers of the organization? Millions of people are impatiently waiting for you to change.

(In my case this is made worse as the local office refuses to put a regular driver on my route – after several years)


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