Dell Opens a “Blog”

Dell opened a blog at that no longer exists. I put blog in quotes because: It has moderated comments, no trackback ability and has numerous posts that are product pushes.

Here is what they should have done, one post admitting to mistakes of the past, saying we want to change, we want to listen and left it alone for like at least a week and let comments roll in. Then let those comments dictate what gets talked about next. Corporate blogging is about listening not PR. You must hire extremely senior, dynamic, highly skilled and understanding people with diverse experiences in life and a passion and understanding of process refinement for these roles. That would have gotten respect from the blogosphere. Rick Klau has a nice post on the topic of feedback.

Late last month, I purchased a new Dell, here is my unbiased review of it so far. It was written a week ago as a public service to both Dell and the blogoshpere. Maybe blog search engines need to reward those types of posts more, what do you think?    


  1. BusinessBlogWire - July 18, 2006

    Dell One2One Blog Progress Report: Small Signs of Improvement

    After my review of the Dell one2one corporate blog last week, David Dalka suggested five key steps for Dell to follow in order to improve its relationship with potential and actual customers.  Listen to David: "Dell should: LISTEN – to…

  2. David “Dsquared” Dalka - Creating Revenue and Retention » UPS - Not Customer Focused - July 24, 2006

    […] Hardly any of their software focuses on satisfying the one receiving the package. Allowing people to control the last mile of the package, electronically instruct them where and when to leave it is where they should be focusing their efforts. In my post about my recently purchased Dell computer, I discussed how UPS shipping was the worst part of the experience. When is UPS going to recognize the people being shipped to as the true customers of the organization? Millions of people are impatiently waiting for you to change. […]

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