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Comcast Still Running Untargeted Ads

Earlier this month, I wrote about Comcast serving up poorly targeted ads. They still haven’t fixed it. Are they listening to customers?  

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It would have been so cool if they had things like this when I was a kid. I know what some of you are saying, “Dave, they do have stuff like this and you still are a big kid!” Well my youthful appearance aside, the concept of is certainly neat. Hear a song and know […]

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ad:tech Chicago 2006 – Developing an Integrated Local Media Strategy

Warren Kay – Yahoo! Fred Lebolt – Chicago Sun-Times Shawn Reigsecker, Founder and President, Centro Marc Barach, CMO, Ingenio, Inc. Local based online advertising will likely mirror offline advertising; becoming 1/3 of all spending over time. Fred Lebolt – Integration must occur before local and then integrated local. Most have not begun the integration process. […]

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ad:tech Chicago 2006 – Mobile Marketing Ecosystem: Framing the Market and the Value Chain

The one that is clear to me is that the mobile marketing space has more questions than answers. Panel: Peter Fuller – Founder and Managing Partner, i-Jump Courtney Jane Acuff, Associate Director, Denuo Numerous doors of entry: Reaching consumers: SMS (text messaging) WAP (wireless web) MMS (multimedia) WAP banners Video Starstar dialing (new data dialing […]

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Making Search Even More Efficient! Increasing Your Search Ranking Via PR and Search as a Branding Mechanism

Frederick Marckini, iProspect You tube is a search engine you can search using keywords. Estimates Youtube is getting more reach than Myspace, estimated to be worth $600 Million How we search where we click. There is no paid or natural. Tabs are pre-empting search. You need to be in all of the tabs. 4x the […]

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ad:tech Chicago 2006 – Disruptive Technology for Fun and Profit, Sponsored by Avenue A | Razorfish

Moderated by Dave Friedman, president, Avenue A | Razorfish Central region Denise Chudy, Google Marc Stephens, Michael Miller, Bruce Woolsey – Avenue A | Razorfish This session was awesome in that they just took questions from the get go and it was a confident and free flowing session with a lot of progressive thought and […]

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ad:tech Chicago 2006- Warm and Cozy SEO

I had taken notes about this session but Lee Odden’s notes had a much more detailed description of the events, so I encourage you to read Lee’s blog entry on this session. Way to go Lee.

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