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Getting noticed in the new word-of-mouth network

Robert Scoble: Keynote Speech: Naked Conversations Talks about history, blogs are best way to get stuff indexed in Google. There is an informal conversation network. Tells the story about how a few people he told that he was leaving Microsoft. How that spread and then a largely unread blog was the one that first posted […]

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Scoble You’re Cracking Me Up!!!

The other day Scoble posted about how video blogs are superior to text and I disagreed. Well two days later he posts this gem about Yahoo!’s announcement today about slightly lower earnings due to lack of realization of projections and guidance. (Maybe they should take Progressive Insurance’s stance and not give guidance, now there is […]

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Jim Stroud Gives Me Shelter

I stepped into the Recruiter’s Lounge with Jim Stroud, he interviewed me briefly about my experience with Intellext and my attendance next week at the Online Recruiting Conference here in Chicago.

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Intellext – Dr. Jay Budzik and CEO Al Wasserberger

I sat down with founder Dr. Jay Budzik and CEO Al Wasserberger of Intellext late last week. They vividly explained how Watson helps people change their search experience from active to passive. They are finding new users, early adopters in information technology, bloggers and journalists. If you are looking for Shakira tickets at the United […]

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My Next Big Gig

Lots of people ask me for details of what my next leadership role would look like. They want to know my ideas for using traditional sales, marketing and business development in conjuction with strategies to build passionate users and use attendance of events, networking with influencers and blogging about the events themselves to put focus […]

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7 Reasons Crazy Egg Will Be Successful

The eagerly anticipated launch of Crazy Egg (or do you say Crazyegg?) is here! Crazy Egg allows you to “Visualize Your Visitors” and gives you a clear picture of where your visitors are clicking and allows you to enhance your site’s results. By inserting a simple few lines of code, Crazy Egg allows you to […]

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Catch Up – Interesting Posts Recently

Google Blogoscoped linked to posted video of Danny Sullivan’s interview of Eric Schmidt at SES and Danny also posted (link removed) full press conference transcript that Google posted – wish I would have known that this was out there – it would have been helpful to me and I’ve bookmarked the page – props to David Krane and his […]

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