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Mobile Marketing/Search – Open Thread – Comment Away!

I’m researching mobile marketing and mobile search, a lot, lately. There are articles everywhere you loop like like this. The following are opinions I seek: – What do you want to see on your mobile device? – What don’t you want to see on your mobile device (perhaps more important actually)? – What companies are […]

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Catch Up – Interesting Posts Recently

Google Blogoscoped linked to posted video of Danny Sullivan’s interview of Eric Schmidt at SES and Danny also posted (link removed) full press conference transcript that Google posted – wish I would have known that this was out there – it would have been helpful to me and I’ve bookmarked the page – props to David Krane and his […]

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SES San Jose Day 4 – API (new session)

Rustybrick wrote an amazing post on the new SES API session – my PC was in dead battery mode and no plug available mode during this session. Please enjoy his post. He did mis Erynn B. Petersen’s of Microsoft because they accidently went to questions before she gave her speech, which was an awkward moment […]

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Introducing 3.0

Lately, Google has been showing that is it participating in customer listening. This is good! I hope it continues. Since I’ve started studying search engine marketing these past full months full time, I’ve been applying to Google – even with employee referrals of former co-workers and people I’ve met at Search Engine Strategies, etc. with […]

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ad:tech Chicago 2006 – Mobile Marketing Ecosystem: Framing the Market and the Value Chain

The one that is clear to me is that the mobile marketing space has more questions than answers. Panel: Peter Fuller – Founder and Managing Partner, i-Jump Courtney Jane Acuff, Associate Director, Denuo Numerous doors of entry: Reaching consumers: SMS (text messaging) WAP (wireless web) MMS (multimedia) WAP banners Video Starstar dialing (new data dialing […]

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ad:tech Chicago 2006 – Disruptive Technology for Fun and Profit, Sponsored by Avenue A | Razorfish

Moderated by Dave Friedman, president, Avenue A | Razorfish Central region Denise Chudy, Google Marc Stephens, Michael Miller, Bruce Woolsey – Avenue A | Razorfish This session was awesome in that they just took questions from the get go and it was a confident and free flowing session with a lot of progressive thought and […]

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Cellular Startups and Carriers the Next Google(s)?

The Wall Street Journal had a very interesting article today about how celluar carriers are shying away from partnering with Yahoo! and Google and instead forming partnerships with smaller entities that they can control. It’s interesting and exciting to me because it’s a modified pay per call play – not just search. This is truly […]

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